St Clement’s Church Ahipara


Ahipara, Northland


St Clement’s Church Restoration Committee



Restorations can be a long time in the making and the St Clement’s Maori Anglican Church in Ahipara is no exception, as Salmond Reed Architects started the process of investigations, research, and reporting as early as 2005. This prominent church in the Far North has exceeded all expectations with its bright new sanctuary window, entry porch, and distinctive bell tower - all in time for its Sesquicentenary in 2024.

Condition Report
Stained Glass

Salmond Reed Architects prepared a conservation plan in 2008, returning to the site in 2015 to reassess the building condition.
Following years of fundraising by the St Clement's Restoration Committee and local community, a full set detailed documentation was prepared for the restoration works in 2020.

The new Sanctuary window was designed by Jude Berghan.

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This house, conceived as a building in a landscape, lies at the centre of a 15 year regeneration project focused on the protection of native plants and birds.

The former Auckland Chief Post Office is one of New Zealand’s most recognisable historic buildings. Salmond Reed Architects have provided specialist conservation advice since this iconic landmark, dating from 1912, was first converted into the Britomart railway station in 2004. The exterior has been restored as the cornerstone historic building of New Zealand’s largest transport infrastructure project, the City Rail Link.

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